Donald McEachin (D-VA04)

DC Phone: 202-225-6365

Tax Staffer: Justin N. Goldberger, [email protected] (Updated: 07/28/2021)

It’s almost like it was waiting for us. It was meant for us. We will have the leadership team under one roof for the first time ever, which will be amazing.

-Karen Stanley, CEO, CARITAS, Virginia

District Highlights

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)

Richmond, VA (2,020)

The Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School (AJCES) is the only tuition-free private school serving elementary and middle school students in the East End of…

Richmond, VA (2,020)

Renovation of the 166,276 SF, four-story Richmond Times Dispatch (RTD) building, consisting of a reconfigured and updated home for RTD personnel, a corporate headquarters…

Richmond, VA (2,019)

The rehabilitation of the vacant Philip Morris Blended Leaf Complex in downtown Richmond, Virginia into a new headquarters for Congregations Around Richmond To Assure…

Richmond, VA (2,018)

Construction loan for mixed-use development with grocery store, pharmacy, credit union, community space….

Petersburg, VA (2,013)

A new 42,160 sq. ft. library in Petersburg, VA….

Richmond, VA (2,013)

The Carpenter Theatre first opened its doors in 1928 as a Loew’s Theater for moving pictures….

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