Winston Plywood

In 2009, Georgia Pacific operated a large plywood lumber mill in Louisville Mississippi.  At the time, it was the largest employer in Louisville, located in east central Mississippi.  Louisville was, according to the mayor, a “plywood town”.  When the mill was shuttered in response to the Great Recession, all of the 400 remaining jobs were […]

Grand Lake Stream Woodlands

Grand Lake Stream Plantation is a town located in rural Washington County, Maine. It is home to just 125 year-round residents. The town’s economy is heavily dependent on the forest, lakes and rivers that surround it. This land base includes traditional ‘working forest’ that provides forest products as well as eco-tourism opportunities through sporting lodges, […]

Columbia Pulp

The Second tranche of financing for the construction of new wheat straw to paper pulp manufacturing facility – CBA: Yes. Job creation must include health, life, and disability insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan or such other benefits. Set aside $100,000 in community impact funds to cover education costs for employees.

North Fork Community Power

The project is a first-in-nation renewable energy operating business that uses Sierra Nevada forest waste as its feedstock to produce electricity. The electricity will be used in an adjacent industrial park (a former Brownfield site) that focuses on the manufacturing of forest-originated products. The utilization of this forest waste is an imperative for the State […]

Beadles & Balfour

Since 1990 (and the compounded effects of the global financial crisis), the Southern United States’ wood supply chain has lost 30% of its sawmills and nearly 20% of its pulp mills. With mill capacity shrinking, rural communities that depend on mill demand for labor and other production inputs have suffered dramatically. In the wake of […]

Platte Valley Distillers

Platte Valley Distillers (PVD) has a license to utilize a patented process for the production of feed cubes and pellets from distillers grain that stays compact with no binders/fillers, transports well, and has a shelf life of up to three years. This product not only removes distillers grain from the waste stream, but provides farmers […]

Abbeville Fiber Sawmill

After sitting vacant for more than a decade, the former WestPoint Stevens building in Abbeville is now buzzing with new life and 115 jobs after a $40 million transformation by Great Southern Wood.

Urban Growers Collective, Chicago

In its second award from JOBS, CTUF was granted the remaining $50,000 to continue its support of public education, teacher professional development, and community and apprenticeship programs through grant-making to community-based organizations.