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Dayton, OH (2020)
New construction of a 15,000 sq. ft. community-centered co-op grocery store in a food desert in Dayton, Ohio.
Baltimore, MD (2020)
The 85,000 sf former lithograph printing complex was restored and transformed into the Center for Neighborhood Innovation, convening workforce development programs, educational training, neighborhood revitalization advocates, and nonprofits committed to providing resources and jobs for under-resourced community residents.
Dayton, OH (2020)
New construction of a 28,200 SF community center where low-income individuals and families will have access to workforce development, early childhood, GED and associate degree programs as well as a pediatric healthcare clinic.
Kalamazoo, MI (2020)
A newly constructed and rehabilitated facility features 242 beds, multipurpose rooms, community rooms, a medical recovery room, day room, offices, reading room, and an elevator for increased accessibility.
Danville, VA (2020)
Equipment financing for the expansion of a salad dressing manufacturer. Company expanded production to a add new equipment lines to increase volume of production and job creation at this location.