Map of Selected Projects in Connecticut

Community Testimonials

We provide medical, dental and behavioral health services to the underserved. Please make [the NMTC] permanent.

-Catherine Auger, Southwest Community Health Center, Bridgeport, Connecticut

The NMTC provides critical, flexible funding for economic development projects that help stabilize and revitalize lower-income communities. It is a unique capital source that advances projects that otherwise could not be pursued.

-Calvin Vinal, President & CEO, Capital For Change, Wallingford, Connecticut

Selected Projects in Connecticut


Hartford, CT | 1st District

Substantial rehabilitation of a historic gold leafing factory located in a Promise Zone into a commercial space and hub…

Bristol, CT | 1st District

With MHIC’s NMTC financing, a new, state-of-the-art, 38,000 square-foot neighborhood services center is being built so that BBGC and…

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