TruStile Doors, LLC

TruStile Doors, LLC (“TruStile”) manufactures quality architectural doors made from medium‐density fiberboard engineered wood, a 69% recycled product, in its Denver manufacturing operation. TruStile is consolidating its existing Denver operations and expanding into a newly constructed 260,000 square foot manufacturing facility (the “Project”). The company is also purchasing new energy efficient equipment and installing equipment […]

Crosby Group Lebus Manufacturing

Forgings Manufacturing facility. The Crosby Group, which manufactures hooks, shackles and other parts for use in lifting and heavy rigging equipment, in March 2015 bought the former Dana Corp. plant at 2414 Crosby Way (formerly Dana Way) in the South Business Park and began production there seven months later, company officials said: Crosby Group – […]

Pioneer Frozen Foods

Dallas Development Fund provided $8 million in NMTC allocation to Pioneer Frozen Foods in June 2016 to support a new, state-of-the-art food manufacturing facility. Located in the International Inland Port of Dallas (IIPOD) in Southern Dallas, the project converts the vacant, 134,000 square foot Dallas Morning News printing facility into a manufacturing facility specializing in […]

Dormae Products

Property developers US Real Estate Limited Partnership and Seefried Industrial Properties built a new 297,000 square foot office, production and warehouse distribution facility for manufacturer Serta Dormae within the Southfield Park 35 Industrial Park in southern Dallas, Texas.

Panhandle Milling Co

NMTC financing allowed a grain processing co-op to purchase another operation and expand its services.

Woodgrain Millwork

Wood Molding Manufacturing: Woodgrain Millwork – industrial development park, distributor of wood molding and other lumber materials for the residential housing market – 25 new jobs at an average salary of $35,000 per year – in an area where the unemployment rate is 1.5 times the national average

First Choice Labels Inc.

The project will support the extension of the existing printing business. The borrower plans to use the financing to purchase custom printing machine and restart operations in currently vacant and dormant printing facility.