Community Testimonials​

Projects supported by this program obtain flexible capital to create more job opportunities for low-income people. This is essentially important to fund more projects that will get our people out of poverty and provide them with a high-quality job and a bright future for them and their families.

-Giovanna Piovanetti, Executive President, Corporacion para el Financiamiento Empresarial del Comercio y las Comunidades, San Juan, Puerto Rico

“The Women’s Home is proud of being able to leverage private dollars with City of Houston funds and a New Markets Tax Credit allocation. This blending of private, government and public funding is an important financing model that can be used to improve neighborhoods.”

-Paula Paust, Executive Director of The Women’s Home, Houston, TX


This program is a catalyst for more than $4 Billion Dollars in planed development for our community for 2019-2020.

-Richard Ruel, Chairman, Metro Chamber of Commerce, East St. Louis, Illinois

Massachusetts Project Profiles

Helena, (2017)

Pasco, (2020)

Athens, (2010)

Kansas City, (2014)

Kansas City, (2012)

Athens, (2018)

West Monroe, (2021)

Baton Rouge, (2007)

Couer D’Alene, (2012)

Atlanta, (2015)